Bristol Myers Squibb has awarded the Patients Association a grant to research how to advance health equity in the UK.  

Our focus will be working with underserved communities living with cancer and blood disorders. We will be exploring how to reduce health disparities and improve access to quality care for underserved populations by bridging the gap between social care and healthcare. 

Chief Executive, Rachel Power, said: “We are pleased to work with BMS on this important project because it understands the importance of community voices and working in partnership to achieve equitable health outcomes. Its belief in partnership working matches our own partnership principles.”  

Patients experience health inequalities that are influenced by factors such as income, geographical differences, specific characteristics such as ethnicity or sexuality, and social exclusion. 

This project will look at social determinants of health income, education, and housing, all of which significantly impact health outcomes. These factors having considerable influence on people’s health is why we advocate for a health-in-all policies approach to government. 

We will be working with organisations that already work with underserved communities affected by cancer and blood disorders, as well as with patients and their families. 

The project aims to identify interventions and best practices, improve care experiences, and integrate health and social care. The project seeks to address unmet needs, challenges in accessing care, and ways to mitigate the effects of social determinants of health on health outcomes. 

Bristol Myers Squibb is supporting work in Brazil, Thailand, Indian and the UK. In the UK the company is working with Blood Cancer UK and Pancreatic Cancer UK, as well as with the Patients Association. The project is expected to last until the beginning of 2025. 

9th April, 2024