The Patients Association is deeply saddened to hear that junior doctors are planning further strikes. 

This prolonged industrial dispute continues to have consequences for patients. The new six-month mandate voted for by junior doctors highlights the urgent need for the Government and the BMA to prioritise negotiations and find a resolution to this crisis.

For the next stage of negotiations to be successful, both the Government and the BMA need to demonstrate leadership and a genuine commitment to resolving this dispute. 

More than 1.4 million appointments have been cancelled as a result of industrial action since December 2022. This year is set to be another difficult one for patients and the NHS. Further strikes will inevitably lead to further disruption for patients, compromising their well-being. 

We urge those involved in the negotiations to get back to the table. We call again for them to bring in mediators to break the deadlock and facilitate constructive dialogue.

We ask on behalf of all patients; please find a way through the impasse. Both sides must do everything they can to keep negotiations open to find a solution. We believe this issue must remain at the forefront of the healthcare agenda. It is crucial that all parties work together to find a resolution that prioritises patient care.

22nd March 2024