With Junior Doctors striking for the 10th time in their prolonged dispute with the Government from the 24th February through to midnight on the 28th February, we reiterate our call for both sides to do whatever it takes to keep negotiations open.

The Patients Association believes we must keep this issue front and centre. Patients have voiced real fears of delayed diagnoses, disrupted care, and worsening health conditions. Their wellbeing must remain the top priority. We cannot afford to ignore or downplay the consequence for patient care.

Progress on this prolonged strike requires openness, pragmatism and commitment to constructive dialogue from government officials and union leaders alike. Patients depend on NHS staff and value them immensely.

Rebuilding bridges will not be easy after months of stalled talks. However, by listening closely and seeking common ground, a deal can still be struck. All parties must remain at the table for as long as it takes to protect patients from continued impact.

The Patients Association will continue urging decision makers to put patients first. Patients struggling to access timely care must not go unheard.